Neath-based Llanelec donates beds to local charity Homeless Hope

Growing our business, growing our community. Together, we are stronger.
Llanelec recently donated and transported 70 bed frames and 30 mattresses to local homeless
charity Homeless Hope.

Homeless Hope runs a monthly, street-based clinic providing food & drink, clothes, footwear,
bedding and foot health to the homeless and vulnerably-housed in Swansea, Newport and Cardiff.
The charity was founded by Royal General Nurses Donna Thomas and Eira Price. From the age of
nine, Donna had spent her own childhood in and out of care, mainly living, homeless, on the streets
of London.

Living in and out of the care system my family was very much the homeless people who I grew up
” she explains. “At 18, I signed out of care and was given two weeks bond and rent on a small
bedsit, I sort work and never returned to the street.

At the age of 29, Donna took herself back to school to learn to read and write and went on to
university to train to become a nurse. It was in 2018, following a 24-hour sleep out to raise funds for
the homeless in Cardiff that she realised the need for foot treatments and Homeless Hope was born.

Three years on the charity has over 180 volunteers, 70% of which are qualified nurses, and holds
regular street clinics in Swansea, Cardiff and Newport with clinics in Powys and Neath coming soon.
During the pandemic we found a real need to assist those going into temporary accommodation
with furniture as they had nothing,
” Donna adds. “Now we assist those going into more permanent
residency by furnishing their homes. With more people becoming homeless, the need is greater than
ever and we rely solely on public donations, so the beds from Llanelec will truly be invaluable.

Llanelec Operations Director Davey Wilson comments: “Llanelec is committed to having a positive
impact on our local community, not only through the generation of jobs but also to provide support
to those that just need a good deed to make their lives better. We are delighted to donate 70 bed
frames and 30 mattresses to Homeless Hope, who do exceptional work supporting the needs of
vulnerable people in South Wales.

The cost of the transport of the beds has been shared between Llanelec and Llanelec’s transport
partner, John Pearce.

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